Sex Counselling meets Sex Education

Based in Sevenoaks, Kent, I offer workshops on different aspects of sexuality.


Sex is omnipresent in our society, but most of us don’t talk or don’t even dare to think about what’s really going on in our minds, hearts and genitals. My workshops aim to change that!


Depending on the type of workshop they can “just” be fun and informative or they may even help you reflect on your own sexual journey in the past and present, so that you can discover what you are looking for in your future sexual self.


In all my workshops I combine elements and core concepts of sex counselling with ideas and exercises of sex education. It’s not just teenagers who want to learn about sex, sexual health and relationships, it’s grown-ups, too!


So let’s talk and learn about REAL sex! It’s about time!


My sexual self & I

A women-only workshop in which you can reflect on your sexual past and present, and figure out what you are looking for in your future Sexual Self.

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Sex-Life BaLance

A workshop, open to all genders, in which sex counselling meets life coaching. It's an opportunity to develop personally and find out what you really, really want.

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Let's talk dirty

This is a workshop on creative erotic communication. You will learn about different kinds of "dirty talk" and we will practice together. A fun hen party activity!
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