Hi! My name is Ursula. I love to read, write, listen, learn, teach and talk about sex.


If you are interested in the reading and writing part, please check out my blog and follow me on facebook.


In order to listen and talk about sex you could join or book one of my workshops.

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About me


I am very interested in sexuality/ies and relationships. I view sex as a form of communication and I find it fascinating!

This is why I have worked in sex shops in England and Germany, studied Sexuality Studies in Ireland and Sex Counselling in Germany.


Since I love to learn and develop my thinking I am almost always signed up for classes and workshops (at the moment I am doing a course on Couple Counselling). By doing so I am not just filling my brain with new information, but I also try to develop my facilitator skills by learning from others.


It would be lovely to meet you at one of my workshops!



My qualifications:


2017 Sex Counselling Training (Weiterbildung Sexualberatung), Institut für Sexualpädagogik, Germany


2016 MA Sexuality Studies, Dublin City University, Ireland


2015 BA Cultural Studies, Fernuniversität Hagen, Germany



My professional memberships (all German, sorry):


Vorstandsmitglied des Fachverbandes für Sexualberatung und Kommunikation e.V.


Mitglied der Gesellschaft für Sexualwissenschaft e.V. (GSW)