08. December 2019
We often have so many expectations when it comes to sex. Mindfulness can help you in many ways to enjoy sex more and to be better connnected to your sexual self, however mindfulness also has its limitations.
15. September 2019
This summer I wrote an article for a German online magazine called ze.tt about the time when I worked in sex shops.
29. July 2019
Most of us do it, but almost no one talks about it. There is so much shame surrounding the topic of masturbation. Let’s break free and start the conversation.
09. May 2019
Today’s headlines were all about a study that showed that British people are having less sex than they used to. Like many sexperts and relationship counsellors have commented, I would also argue that quality is more important than quantity. Nonetheless, if you are seeking more and/or better sex, here’s some expert advice on how to achieve that. [Source: Image by Tina Franklin]
09. April 2019
No matter what your relationship with infidelity is, fact is: you have one and it is always complex, just like infidelity itself. In "The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity" Esther Perel criticises the judgmental and simplified contemporary discourse on infidelity and offers a more complex exploration of the subject.
24. March 2019
The thought of talking dirty can be daunting. We don’t want to sound stupid and we don’t want things to become awkward. I give you four good reasons why it’s worth giving dirty talk a try anyway.
27. January 2019
The new Netflix series Sex Education features an important subject which other series never dared touch upon: The complexity of male sexuality.