My Sexual Self & I (Women only) – two day workshop

This workshop gives you the opportunity to reflect upon the views and values (and maybe judgements) on sex, sexuality and relationships that have shaped you and your relationship to your Sexual Self. You get the chance to think through your sexual past and present which might help you to realise what you are looking for in your future Sexual Self.


Since reflecting on our sexual past and present can be painful and sometimes a lot to process, this workshop is usually separated into two units taking place a week apart from each other. “My Sexual Self & I” can have very therapeutic effects, but it is not therapy.


“My Sexual Self & I” can also be a fun way to talk about sex with other women in a safe space. Why not do something different with your girlfriends for a change? Maybe you are going through quite transitional periods (begin or end of a relationship/marriage, childbirth, coming out, etc.) and would like to work it through together? I would be happy to work with you!


“My Sexual Self & I” is created for a group of a maximum of ten women.

It usually takes place on two days (preferably Sundays), but can be adjusted to fit into one day as well.


For more information and booking please e-mail me directly or fill out the contact form further down.