Sex-Life Balance (open to all genders)

How often do you have sex and how often would you like to have sex? What kind of sex are you having and is it the kind you want to have? Has family life gotten into the way of wild nights and delicious mornings in bed? Do you feel like sex is more work than pleasure? Is your job dominating your life, maybe even keeping you away from home for days or longer periods? Are you lonely? Has porn become your only sexual outlet? Have you started looking elsewhere?


In “Sex-Life Balance” sex counselling meets life coaching. This workshop is especially, but not only, suited for young professionals who are in the process of figuring out how they want to live their life and what role sex should play in it. This workshop creates a safe space in which sexual difficulties can be discussed, worked through and reflected upon. There is no need or obligation to share your experiences with other workshop participants, but you can of course, if that is helpful to you. It can be nice to realise that you are not the only one experiencing a certain problem.


“Sex-Life Balance” gives you an opportunity to develop personally and to think about what you really, really want.


This three-hour long workshop is available for a maximum of eight people.

It is open to all genders. This workshop can be held for men-only or women-only groups.


For more information and booking please e-mail me directly or fill out the contact form further down.