Unlocking Desire

© Ursula Spindler
© Ursula Spindler


There are many reasons why you might have lost the keys to your desire. Or maybe you have never had access to what it is you need sexually. In our society we do not learn anything about desire, so this is not uncommon. You are not alone with experiencing a lack of arousal, a disinterest in sex or a blockage that prevents you from expressing and living your full sexuality.


These experiences can feel painful, no matter if you are part of a couple or not. Often there is grief involved when we look back at what our sex life used to look like. Together we can start to unlock what is currently hidden.

Together we can start to heal.


'Unlocking desire' consists of a mixture of conversations, reflective and creative exercises, mindfulness and some homework.


'Unlocking Desire' is a four hour workshop for a group of a maximum of eight women*.


* everyone who identifies as a woman (no matter if cis or trans) or non-binary is welcome to join.

If you are interested in unlocking your desire, please send me an e-mail or contact me via Instagram or Facebook.

My workshops take place in Sevenoaks, London and surrounding area.

About the facilitator:

Ursula Spindler (MA Sexuality Studies) qualified as a sex counsellor (isp) in 2017.
She is currently studying integrative psychotherapy in London and loves snails, coffee and sex-positive feminism.